Mother’s Day gift ideas are tricky. We don’t know about you, but our moms hardly ever ask for material gifts, and when they can think of one, it’s just some new kitchen equipment or a pretty coffee mug. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you struggle coming up with material gift ideas for mom – or if she has more pretty coffee mugs than she can use in a month – try opening your mind to a new angle: why not treat her to an experience?

Let’s face it, all a mom really wants is to spend more time with her grown-up kids. So why not gift your mom an extra set of hands in the form of a helper for all her house chores. Give your mom the power to free up some extra time, kick back and just relax. Below are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for using a hired hand to take care of necessities while mom relaxes:

Mother's Day gift ideas

  • Help with Home Improvement

Many moms – especially single moms – have home improvement projects nagging at them that they aren’t sure how to tackle alone. It’s all well and good if you’re normally mom’s personal handyman, but not every mom is fortunate enough to have her kids at her disposal for these types of projects.

Enter Adam Helps. You and a helper can install those French doors, build that shelving unit or hang those fixtures while mom hits the spa. See if you can make it a surprise! Imagine mom’s delight and relief upon coming home to find that project that had weighed on her mind simply taken care of for her.

  • Swap chores for the spa

Much like the home improvement project, grab a helper to assist with a top-to-bottom, sparkling clean, have the dog walked, the laundry done and so on. Works as a surprise or an excuse to get out of the house and do something together! Get any work done in the morning, and spend the rest of the day at brunch, a movie, and dinner – or whatever else would make mom happy on Mother’s Day. Or simply putter around while mom relaxes with a new book.

  • Special home-cooked meal

Mother’s Day gift ideas doesn’t have to feel too big for one home cook any more: extra hands in the kitchen can turn dinner into a mini-catered extravaganza with the ready and willing meal-prep helpers on Adam Helps.

Think about it – maybe mom loves Italian, Indian, Chinese, or has a sweet tooth. She comes home from work, a spa day, etc. to find all her favourite dishes waiting and ready, piping hot (or freshly baked). When was the last time a family meal didn’t rest primarily on mom’s shoulders? If there’s any day to flip the script, it’s Mother’s Day.

A little advice here…be prepared to do all the dishes after dinner too! We can’t just leave mom with an hour of washing up. (Incidentally, why not keep your helper on hand for that too.)

These are just a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to get you thinking creatively, beyond the expected things like books, earrings and other material gifts. Moms like those things too, but we think you can really take it to the next level this year with a multi-pronged love-attack on mom’s heartstrings as thanks for everything she does, has done and ever will do. En garde, mom’s heart!

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