The Post Party Clean Up – New Years Eve Bash!

Hosting a party is a lot of fun and excitement, but every host dreads one thing – the morning after, the post party clean up! Extra good-lucks to you if you suffer from a hangover. Playing a guessing game in the morning as to what can be lurking in the living room can be stressful. Sticky surfaces, spills, beer cans, pizza boxes, a person sleeping over…

One surely wouldn’t want a pile of trash lying around the place for longer, especially if it’s a Monday morning. Uneaten food bits can attract flies and pests, spills might leave a stain if not treated right in a timely manner, and the trash might start to stink up your house.

However, one shouldn’t forgo hosting a New Years Eve 2018 bash, out of the fear of post party clean up. Reclaim nights of celebration with these cleanup tips.

Cleaning Starts Before the Party

Make cleaning up after your party easier and faster by closing the doors to rooms you don’t want your guests to visit. Store fragile and valuable items in the locked off rooms. Place clean cloths and paper towels in easy-to-grab locations to wipe off spills instantly. Place trash bins in sight, so that guests can clean up after themselves, hence less work for you. Also, when setting up drinks and food, designate an area for each specific item, so the alcohol spills and crumbs won’t travel far.

post party clean up

Toss the Obvious

You are likely to see bottles, plastic cups, and cans as you survey the aftermath of your party, collect them as you go room to room or area to area. Rinse and load up the dishwasher if you have one. If you don’t have a dishwasher, plug the sink, put your dishes in it, and fill it with warm, soapy water. Your dirty dishes can soak while you do other chores.


The floors might look clean and ok, but consider mopping anyways for hard to see spills (Prosecco?). If you have a carpet, vacuum it all over to get rid of crumbs.

Getting your apartment back to normal after a party may seem daunting (do the bottles never end?), but with these steps, it’ll feel like home in no time. Sometimes the party is a bit “over the top” for which the resulting aftermath is simply too much for the hosts to deal with — in which case download Adam App, post a cleaning task, and someone from your neighbourhood will be at your place to help you clean up.

Get your cleaning needs satisfied, with Adam App’s post party clean up, so that you can focus on the entertaining and not cleaning.

Happy New Year 2018


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