Dog Walking

Does your pup need to be walked or given a good run?  Maybe your dog would enjoy some time at an off-leash park while you’re working the day away.  Find your pooch’s perfect match by searching our community for someone to take them out.  Your dog will appreciate the extra exercise and company and they’ll likely even make some new doggo friends.

Pet Sitting

Traditional pet boarding at kennels and pet hotels are really expensive and there’s a hassle getting your dog to/from the venue especially if you have a late night flight or travel delays.  It’s a stress because we care so much about our pets well-being so whenever we plan a trip for ourselves we have to think of our pets too.  There are MANY people close to you who probably LOVE pets and would be willing to watch your dog/cat while you’re away.  Some people can’t take on the full-time commitment of having pets of their own but they have a lot of love to give to yours on a part-time basis.  Find what you need on Adam, save some money, get the convenience of hiring a neighbour, and take the stress out of this process.