Lawn Care

Lawns need raking, grass needs cutting, and buses need trimming; our outdoor space is important to us but it takes a lot of ongoing time-consuming maintenance.  The work is even harder if you have a cottage property you also need to maintain or if you’re taking Holidays and time away from your home.  Professional landscapers require pricey contract commitments but on Adam you can go on the app when you need someone and find a neighbour closeby to help you maintain your yard.  

Snow Removal

Clearing the driveway and walkway is a physically demanding task.  It’s usually the last thing you want to worry about before you’ve had your morning coffee or at the end of a long work day.  Get on the app and find a neighbour looking to make a few extra bucks by clearing driveways.  No contracts with snow removal companies, you’re supporting the neighbourhood, and you’re getting this exhausting winter task taken care of.


From winterizing your plants to planting a new garden to harvesting your organic tomatoes, our outdoor space requires a lot of upkeep.  Make a new friend with a green thumb in your neighbourhood and have them help you trim the bushes or whatever you need done to allow your garden to thrive.