Toronto job market is seeing a lot of growth and open vacancies, according to the first quarter reports published by Statistics Canada. 8,000 new full-time jobs and 37,000 new part-time jobs were created during the month of June alone, which dropped the unemployment rate to 6.5%, according to the data agency. This is good news for everyone who is currently in the job market. However, the new jobs in the region do not consider the rising housing costs in Toronto. Thus, an individual getting a good salary package of CAD 50,000 annually would hardly be able to save CAD 500/month (given the monthly rent, daily commute, weekly groceries, shopping and some lounge time at bars or restaurants). This is the reason why many people, mostly millennials, tend to take up on a side hustle.


Local jobs

Side hustle or part-time work isn’t new but it is increasingly becoming popular amongst the millennials. There are a variety of reasons why people tend to take up multiple jobs whether they are trying to cover high costs of rent, paying off student debt, an international student trying to make ends meet or saving up for some dreams like a travel fund. Having more than one job is often termed as Moonlighting and with the increase in the economy which favors on-demand tasks and gigs, there will most certainly be an increase in moonlighting.

There is a variety of online portals that post ads related to part time work in Toronto, but most of them do not have the right categories to filter the jobs. For example, an individual searching for a part time dog walker or English tutoring job will end up seeing delivery driver job ads or the job would be too far away for a daily commute. Considering these facts and issues that on-demand workers face on a regular basis, we are launching an iOS app ADAM.

ADAM is a community app which features on-demand jobs and local jobs that workers can filter, based on the many available work categories like outdoor work, indoor work, education helpers, and care assistants amongst many others. ADAM also features the ability to filter jobs based on the distance. ADAM aims at getting the basic jobs and tasks done like that of furniture assembly or walking a dog within one’s neighbourhood, at one’s own convenience and at a reasonable price that is set by the individual who needs the work done.

Getting a part-time job or a cash job has never been more easy and comfortable. With a single app download, an individual can get the work done and also apply for the many local jobs. So go ahead, download the app, create your profile and start cashing those jobs in! That Louis Vuitton bag you have had your eyes on or the trip to Costa Rica can finally come to achievement.

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