Multilingualism is an asset that not only boosts one’s resume but also one’s decision making skills. Juggling multiple languages in one’s brain is not an easy feat and this is the reason why the language schools charge an enormous tuition fee. But there are ways to learn a foreign language on a budget that will not make a hole in your pocket. Smartphone apps, YouTube videos, free websites and local library are just some of the ways that you can start learning that new language.

Tips on learning more & spending less:

Learn online

There are many smartphone apps which offer free language courses for covering the basics. Apps like Duolingo and busuu offer free lessons in many different languages for the basic words and everyday phrases. However, this should not be the end of learning. It is highly recommended to pair the smartphone app learnings with YouTube videos to learn the pronunciation and the flow of language.

Personal tutor

Another great option to learn foreign language on a budget is hiring a personal tutor. When you hire a language teacher, the money you spend should buy you unrivalled personal attention. This is exactly what you get through ADAM app. ADAM is an iOS app that acts as a platform to connect you with your nearest language tutor who is willing to teach you in exchange for a small fee. The small fee charged by the neighbouring tutor is way less as compared to the professional language schools. Hiring a personal tutor also gets you personal interaction and one-on-one communication that is not available in the schools.

Shelling out money is not the only solution; there are better and cheaper options available for every task that you need help with. If you would like to hire a tutor, post a job ad for free on ADAM .

Learn on a budget and broaden your horizons.


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