Summertime means more outdoor time. You’d want to soak every ray of the shining sun while it lasts. However, summertime also brings along more house maintenance work for those with a lawn or a yard to take care of. And let’s face it, not everyone is great at or has the desire of keeping the yard together. We understand that life is busy and there are things of more importance besides working on the lawn. So, we have rounded up some amazing garden and lawn care hacks that would leave you with a manicured lawn in no time.

Save money, time and effort by using these lawn care hacks and have a beautiful yard this summer.

Lawn care tips and tricks to keep your yard looking great:

Lawn care


Lawn Care Hack No. 1 – Toss the seeds around

For people who enjoy gardening, curating a manicured lawn is an easy feat. Their grass would be perfectly mowed, weeds would be out of sight, and flower beds would be abundant, colorful and blooming. But for those who are not gardening fanatics or have a lot of time on their hands for yard-work, buying different varieties of seeds and tossing them around your lawn in sunny spots might do the trick. One can even try to toss out the watermelon and pumpkin seeds from your kitchen.

Lawn Care Hack No. 2 – Mulch

Show your soil some love and add some mulch. It is important to remember that mulching is a two-step process. First, the mulch should be added on top of the soil that is already weeded. Secondly, the mulch layer should be thick enough that the new weeds do not pop up through it. Adding mulch helps in improving soil fertility, conserving soil moisture, and reducing weed growth. Since mulch helps in conserving moisture, you’ll end up spending less time watering the plants.

Lawn Care Hack No. 3 – Salt to kill weeds

Besides adding mulch, adding salt is another way to kill the weeds. However, there is a small catch. Salting should be done only in the areas where you are not planting anything now or near future. Salt can build up in soil and is thus not recommended for areas where you might want to grow plants. Salting is great for driveway cracks or in between paving stones. Salting is not a long-lasting solution, but it works.

Lawn Care Hack No. 4 – Keep the critters at bay

If the critters are invading your yard, citrus peels and coffee grounds are your new yard savers. Cats, slugs, and raccoons hate the smell of coffee and all things citrus. It’s an easy way to keep your yard and lawn pest free without using any harsh chemicals.


Another summer, another chance to try to do a little better job of keeping the yard a little more presentable.


Lawn Care Hack No. 5 – Artificial turf

Using artificial turf is an easy way to have a beautiful lawn in no time. Artificial turf is an easy to maintain and eco-friendly option for those who do not have a knack for yard work. It is also a great option for someone who is always tight on time for some lawn maintenance. Artificial turf is indistinguishable from the real one and it doesn’t require the weekly mowing.

Lawn Care Hack No. 6 – Use cooking spray for the lawn mower

If you are annoyed by the grass clippings that get stuck in the undercarriage of your lawn mower, we have the perfect hack for you. Use cooking spray! Using cooking spray on the lawn mower’s undercarriage will prevent the grass clippings from sticking together. Less annoyance and less time wasted in scraping the clippings out.

Lawn Care Hack No. 7 – Install a sprinkler

Installing a sprinkler system helps in eliminating the work involved in watering the garden and plants. Automated sprinklers are even better as you won’t have to worry about watering your garden too much or too little. Automated sprinkler systems help in maintaining your garden even while you are away.


A manicured garden does not usually mean a lot of work.  Make the most of your yard and patio with some of these easy tips to help your yard and plants be full, beautiful and maintenance-free. However, if you do need an extra set of hands to help you weeding, landscaping or other lawn care services, you can find a helper on Adam Helps app.

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