No matter the size of the house, if it’s in a mess, it’ll feel like it takes forever to clean it. The house cleaning is an even bigger issue when one faces a shortage of time. One faces a lack of time usually due to professional or personal commitments. When a clock is ticking over one’s head, one doesn’t have time to clean as much or as thoroughly as one would like. Out of all the rooms in one’s house, kitchens are often the messiest rooms in a house. Kitchens usually require more attention when it comes to cleaning for two reasons – kitchens are used a lot more than other rooms and they are harder to clean. It can be a challenge to keep the kitchen organized on a regular basis, by oneself. So we have come up with 4 kitchen cleaning tips for those with a busy schedule:

  • De-clutter

The first step to a clean kitchen is to de-clutter. De-cluttering involves checking the kitchen and refrigerator for expired groceries and throwing them away, making a list of what you need to buy, and placing the misplaced items back in their original place. The kitchen will seem a lot less messy once the de-clutter step is done.

  • Daily wipe up

The second most important and quick step to a clean kitchen is wiping up the crumbs or spills as they occur. This step also involves cleaning the dishes daily or loading up the dishwasher every day.

Kitchen cleaning tips

  • Use an all-purpose cleaner

Using an all-purpose cleaner like vinegar makes it easier to clean the stove-tops, floor, inside of the refrigerator etc. with a single product. Vinegar is also non-toxic, thus making it more suitable for a kitchen cleaner.

  • Dispose off trash every night

Disposing off trash every night will make for a clean and fresh kitchen for the next day. It will also prevent any bad odour from engulfing the kitchen and the house.

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    We live in a new house and I’m determined to keep it cleaner than our previous house. These tips will help me year round.

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    Wonderful post as usual! The tips are lifesaving! I really appreciate the tips on my busy days. Thanks for providing this one with us.

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    Great tips. We generally advice our customers to have a 10 min cleaning frenzy everyday. It makes huge difference. Thanks,
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    Thank you so much for sharing a good guideline


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