Whether you’re tidying up before your friends come over, cleaning up after a party, or refreshing your place for home-sharing; the Adam community can help.  There’s no cleaning job too big or too small so for hangover Sundays or weeks when you just can’t be bothered, go on Adam and find someone to help.


Moving is SO MUCH WORK.  Packing up, purging what you don’t need, 1000 trips to the dumpster, unpacking in your new place; the work never seems to end.  Moving companies provide a valuable service but they’re really expensive.  On Adam you can find strong neighbours willing to work up a sweat to help you move.  You no longer need to rely on your friends or expensive moving companies; just get on the app and find someone close to you who can help you out.


A fresh coat of paint can really transform a space but it’s a time-consuming and physically demanding task which requires some skill.  Whether you’re freshening up your apartment or looking to try something new, you’ll find people willing to paint your pad on Adam.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly sucks.  It’s aggravating, there are never enough instructions, you usually need many sets of hands to hold part A in place while you drill part B into part C.  So whether you need extra hands, or a calming presence to remind you that this too shall pass, let your neighbours on Adam take the suck out of assembling your furniture.