Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the wonders of Adam! Indulge yourself, at a reasonable cost, by letting someone else take care of the cleaning. The cleaners on Adam near you will get every room looking its best — from vacuuming, washing windows and mopping, to dusting and scrubbing. Adam has plenty of trustworthy users who can take care of any requirements for home maintenance in Toronto as often as you need.


Wanting to give your home a fresh new look but don’t have the time to paint? Use Adam for painting and other contractor work in Toronto and save money while getting it done! Find a user on Adam who knows the ins and outs of indoor or outdoor painting. Give your siding a sharp new splash of colour or an indoor paint job that will turn heads and impress. The painters in Toronto on Adam will give your home a vibrant and refreshed new look, whether you are just changing the décor up or getting it ready for an upcoming sale.


Laundry is one of those time-consuming tasks that most of us would rather avoid. A helper on Adam can have your wardrobe and bedding washed, dried and folded on a regular basis while you enjoy your free time. Let someone else handle the hassles of laundry while you put your time to better use – and it will cost less than you might think!

Watering Plants

Nothing brings an indoor space together like plants and flowers, but sometimes you need a little help with them. Use Adam to let one of your neighbours handle your home maintenance in Toronto and take care of your plants, including watering as frequently as needed. It will free up time to take care of your other maintenance tasks, or put your mind at ease while travelling! Adam has the friendly locals who will take care of any indoor work that has started to pile up. Try Adam at no cost today!