How To Host A Last-Minute Holiday Christmas Party?

Planning and hosting a Christmas party takes a lot of effort and brings in a lot of stress. A lot of questions pop up as well – what to serve at a Christmas party dinner, how to decorate for a Christmas party, what are the best Christmas drinks recipes, etc. So, this year one decides not to host a Christmas party get together to avoid the unwanted stress, until one sees the beautiful Christmas decorations and festive recipes on Pinterest and Instagram. The Christmas party hosting goals are back on track. It starts with researching for the best Christmas party ideas because who doesn’t want to organize a great holiday party and be an amazing host. Even though a bit late, one can still throw an amazing last-minute Christmas party with little to no stress.

Our tips to help you gear up for the last-minute Christmas party:

  • Decorations – It’s the festive season, so deck up your cozy home in some twinkling lights and holiday decorations. However, do not obsess over the décor very much, since the holiday party is mostly about food and drinks anyway.Christmas party
Got no time to put up Christmas decorations? Ask for help from your neighbours on Adam Helps App.
  • E-invitations – It’s last minute and now wise to depend upon the Canada Post/USPS to deliver the beautiful hand-written Christmas party invitations. There are many E-invitation websites that have beautiful holiday templates that one can customize, send immediately and also request an RSVP.
  • Theme – December is a busy month for everyone and most of the people will have to attend more than one Christmas party get together and will have to put on a good show. Why not give your guests a relaxed theme where they can really enjoy like a low-key soiree or just a casual wine and cheese party instead of putting on a big show? Your guests will really appreciate some down time. It’ll also save you tons of stress.
  • Food – Christmas party appetizers should be simple finger foods, without the fuss of carrying around a heavy paper plate full of food. Popcorn chicken, crostini, bite sized desserts and a cheese board will go a long way in mingling with the guests.
  • Self-serve bar – If you don’t want to be shaking and stirring all night long, set up a self-serve bar. A corner table with wines, punch, and glasses are all you need to keep the holiday party going in full swing.
  • Games – Having a couple of Christmas party games will keep the guests entertained, while bringing them all together. Pictionary, Charades, Trivia etc. are some games to start with.

Whichever type of gathering you are planning make sure to have plenty of food, snacks and appetizers ready for your guests. If you need help in organizing the last-minute Christmas party, just download Adam Helps App on your iPhones, and hire your local neighbour for instant help.

Happy Holidays!

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