Meet a Neighbour

Coffee and tea on Adam

Adam Helps is new to your neighbourhood and we want to get to know our neighbours; what better way to meet new people than over a free cup of coffee or tea at a friendly local coffee shop.

We often rep neighbourhoods in Toronto, yet we don’t know who our neighbours are. We want to encourage people to get to know their neighbours and build relationships across communities in Toronto.

We’ve selected coffee shops in Toronto neighbourhoods where we will be giving away FREE coffee and tea on a special date and time. A new coffee shop will be revealed in a different neighbourhood over the next couple weeks. Free coffee and tea while quantities last as part of our “Meet a Neighbour” initiative.

Adam Helps – an app that helps connect neighbours – is here to help bring back that friendly community feel of your neighbour treating you to a coffee. Check Adam Helps out on Android and iOS to keep the friendly neighbourhood vibes going.

Connect with us to see where you’re getting your next coffee!


King West – Quantum Coffee – August 30th, 2018

Yorkville – Goldstruck Coffee – Sept 6th, 2018

Leslieville – Grinder Coffee – Sept 25th, 2018