The idea of living an uncluttered life with fewer possessions sounds attractive to many. However, most of the times, procrastination comes in the way of organizing one’s home. “Waiting for the weekend”, “Too tired”, “Too busy” are the thoughts that pop up in everyone’s mind when it’s time to declutter. Or maybe you are ready to declutter your home but the “where do I begin” comes in the way. The decluttering of one’s home doesn’t need to be an overwhelming or a painful task. There are many creative and fun ways to get started on organizing your home.

Create a more functional and stress-free environment by following our easy tips and hacks to declutter your home.

10 easy ways to declutter your home:

  • Make a list of clutter hotspots

Make a list of all the rooms and give them a ranking based on their level of clutter. Garage, basement, attic, and closets should be given the highest rankings given their functioning as extra storage spaces. Kitchen and bathroom are usually in the mid followed by bedrooms and lounge rooms at the bottom end of the rankings. Once you have charted the clutter hotspots, you can decide where you want to start, the high end or the low end.

How to declutter your home

  • Pick one room/zone at a time

Decluttering an entire house in a day is not a great idea. Give decluttering your house some time. Stick to one zone or one room per day and just deal with the respective space for decluttering. If you start with a bedroom, first make the bed, moving on to the side tables and finally vacuuming the carpet or mopping the floor. For a bathroom cleanup, focus on the medicine cabinet, moving on to the drawers, the bathtub and sink. If you start with a kitchen, it will take a little longer than the other rooms, just because of the amount of time spent in the area. While working on the kitchen, work on one item at a time – fridge, pantry, other cabinets.

  • Have a collection point

Choose a place within your house that will act as a collection point for all the stuff you remove from different rooms and spaces. Decluttering is all about purging or emptying the spaces of things that are no longer needed or used. Decluttering time is not the time to think about what will happen to the clutter items or where they might end up. First, focus on decluttering the spaces and lastly focus on dividing the clutter items into three categories – keep, recycle, trash, goodwill.

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  • Follow a 4-box method

A great way to organize is through the 4-box method. To follow this method, you will need 4 boxes (can be substituted with clean bags as well). Label each box for keep, relocate, throw, and donate. Once you have the boxes ready, declutter the rooms by tossing the items in one of the four boxes.

  • Take up the 12x12x12 challenge

The 12x12x12 declutter challenge is about identifying 12 items to donate, 12 items to throw away and 12 items to return to their original spots. When calculated, you will end up decluttering 36 items at the end of the challenge.

  • Fill one trash bag each day

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of decluttering your entire house, then this organizing hack is for you. Just grab a trash bag and try to fill it up from a room, and make sure you declutter a new room each day.

  • List down the essential and loved items

When you are beginning to declutter your home, start with making a list of the essential items for each room. For instance, for a bedroom, side table, night lamp, phone charger etc. need to be on the essentials list. Once you have worked on the essentials list, it’s time to work on the loved items list. The loved items list should have all the items that are not essential, however, you cannot bear parting with them because you love them a lot. For example, a favorite throw pillow, a wall accent or a unicorn piñata will all fall under the loved items list.

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  • Have a garage sale

A great way to declutter while making some money is to have a garage sale. You can either participate in a garage sale that is organized by your neighbourhood or organize a standalone sale in your yard. A garage sale is a great way to meet your neighbours and sell off the items you no longer need.

  • The 20/80 closet rule

The 20/80 closet rule means that we usually only wear 20 percent of the clothes we own, 80 percent of the time. The rule can also be applied to music DVDs, toys, books etc. As per the 20/80 closet rule to declutter your home, the idea is to identify the 80 percent of the items that are not in use, and either put them to use or donate them.

  • Think of the last time you used it

Following the 20/80 closet rule, the idea of this decluttering hack is to try and remember the last time you used an item. If you haven’t used something in the last 6-8 months (seasonal items apart), you should probably get rid of it.

No matter which hacks and tips you go ahead with, the goal is to take your first step towards decluttering your space to make it beautiful again. Decluttering your home is a big job and the best way to tackle it is to go slow, focusing on one area at a time. However, decluttering does not end at removing all the clutter from your home. You need to make sure that the clutter does not make its way back anytime soon.

5 clever ways to stop the clutter from returning:

~ Decide to buy less

~ Be realistic about what you really need

~ Keep a clutter basket nearby at all times

~ Buy one item, throw away one item

~ Make a wish list and sleep on it before making the purchase

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