For date night, holiday parties, and unexpected traffic jams keeping you from getting home to the kids; Adam has you covered.  Local caregivers willing to help you out when you need them.  Last-minute issues; no problem since the app is live-time and on-demand.  Search profiles so you can find someone you’re comfortable with and talk to them using in-app messaging.  Trust is crucial so we won’t ‘send’ you someone you haven’t met; you know who the best people are to care for your kids so you should decide who you want to help you out.  

Meal Prep

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, want to learn how to cook a new type of cuisine, or making mass quantities of your famous buttertarts; cooking can take a lot of work.  If you need an extra set of hands in the kitchen post about it to our community and find someone ready to help you out.  

Elder Assistance

Daily tasks like putting groceries away, moving furniture and general housework can become challenging for our aging friends and family.  We want our aging relatives to be well taken care of but this can be a full-time job on its own sometimes.  For all the times you can’t be there for your relatives, Adam can be.  From a small task like playing bridge with grandpa to light housework and even errands; the community is here to help with whatever you need.