When the parents work full-time, maintaining home life and relationships can get stressful. A working couple with kids juggles so many tasks and challenges at any given time. A babysitter is a godsend to the parents who are working overtime, stuck in a meeting, or who just need some time off to reignite the spark in their lives. However, there are some challenges that parents face when it comes to the godsend babysitters.

  • Not tidying up

Not cleaning after the children and the space is the biggest challenge that the parents face, when they leave their house and kids with babysitters. Even though the babysitter is not the housekeeper, it is a part of their job to clean up after the kids, store their toys and books back in the shelves and organize the space that was used during the babysitting.

  • Cancellations

There is nothing more frustrating and challenging than when the parents are already running late or have a busy day planned ahead, and the babysitter cancels at the last minute. Staying calm in such a situation is tough, especially when the parents do not have a backup babysitter for those instant cancellations.

  • Not arriving on time

Running late for a meeting or an appointment and the babysitter is late too? Not accepted. Babysitting is a real job and not just a remote/freelance job where the person can work on one’s own schedule. Parents run their lives on a very tight schedule and calendar and they really need the babysitter to arrive on time or earlier, and not after the scheduled time.

  • Being too much on the phone

Again, being a babysitter is a proper job and not just a home project. The children need attention, care and discipline, which the babysitter will not be able to provide if she/he is always on the phone. Babysitting time is to manage the children and be responsible for them, and not the time to chat away with friends or engage in social media.

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