Odd Jobs

For any job that doesn’t meet the other categories; post about it here.  Need a bartender for your party?  A dishwasher for your restaurant?  Someone to pick some flowers up for a special someone?  Whatever task you need big or small we’ve got the helpers to cover them all.


Sometimes in team sports you just need someone with a pulse to stand in Right Field so your team doesn’t forfeit the game. Post the sport/location and when you need someone to see if anyone can fill in and save the team from losing!

Personal Assistant

A lot of people have ‘busy seasons’ at their work or in their personal life.  It’s not practical to have a full-time personal assistant (unless you’re a celebrity in which case, congrats), but we could all use a helper when life gets hectic for us.  So whether it’s a coffee run, someone to pick up decorations, stuff envelopes for a mailing campaign, post what you need and see who steps up to help you out.

On-demand: Any task, any time. Get the help you need when you need it
Community Focused: Hire local help and reconnect with your neighbours
Save and Earn Money: Save money by hiring local or earn money by working for someone in your neighbourhood