New jobs are being posted every day on our app but our platform is still relatively new, so please stick with us! We’re always working to grow our User base. Consider searching nearby areas and expanding your search to include other types of jobs.  

Helper FAQs

FAQ’s if you’re a Helper (someone completing jobs for someone on our platform)

Download the app, sign up, create your profile including relevant skills and then use the “Find Work” tab in the app to see what jobs are posted near you.

Your job poster and you work out the best option for each of you but we most commonly see cash payment, e-transfer, or payment by cheque in person. Adam takes no commission and charges no service fees.  We suggest that you use In-App Messaging to negotiate payment terms prior to completing jobs.  It is most common for people to receive payment directly from the poster upon the completion of the job.

We are a community, peer-to-peer based platform so we encourage you to work out the issues directly with the person who’s hired you; however, if you need additional support we have a customer support profile within the app and you’re free to message this profile outlining any issue you’ve encountered.  The profile name is ADAM Support.

None! But you’re encouraged to create a skills profile as a Helper to give users an idea of what kind of work you are interested in doing. You will also accumulate reviews and endorsements as you complete tasks for other users.

No, our platform is peer-to-peer and as such anyone who completes a job for someone else is doing so on their own volition as an independent contractor. You will not be provided with a T4 and all income earned needs to be declared by you in accordance with Federal Tax regulations.

General FAQs

FAQ’s for General Questions

Adam is technically available in any Canadian city – but at the moment, the bulk of our users are in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. Most jobs and Helpers will be located there – but feel free to see who is online near you. We want to make sure our Users have a good experience and will be promoting the app in other major Canadian cities throughout 2018 and beyond.  

We get this question a lot, this is no gimmick our app is entirely free to use; free to post, free to search, free to download.  Our first goal is to reconnect people with their neighbours by helping eachother with everyday tasks.  In the future we will have optional add-ons like premium profiles, insurance offerings, and boosted posts but even then the app will be entirely free to use just with some added benefits you can pay for if you see fit.  

Yes! We are so excited to partner with grassroots charities in Toronto.  Charities are all about community building and helping, just like us, so it’s a great partnership for Adam Helps.  Every time you complete OR post a job you’ll be asked to vote for one of the 4 pre-selected charities.  Each vote converts to a $20 donation that Adam Helps makes on your behalf.  Since these donations are coming from our generous sponsors you are not provided with a tax receipt but it’s still a great way to continue a cycle of giving back to your community.  

Start-ups are a really exciting place to work, and we think we’re a pretty cool crew to work with!  We are a young company and we’re growing quickly.  Keep an eye on our website for a Careers page and in the interim if you’re interested in current positions you can find postings on or email us your resume at [email protected].  

Insurance is a feature that will be an available option to everyone on our app in the future.  We want to keep our platform free to use so that hired help is accessible to more people (not just high income earners).  Unfortunately this means we can’t provide the frills like liability/property damage insurance at this time, since we are not charging a service fee on the app.  This may change in the future but at this time jobs are not insured by Adam Helps.