“I’ve always been passionate about helping people, and I’m from a small town where the sentiment of goodwill among neighbours was commonplace.  Since moving to Toronto I find people are just as kind and well-intentioned, but there’s a bit of an isolation that comes from living in our glass towers.” 

After 4 years in Toronto I barely knew any neighbours aside from seeing them in the elevator where we’d have time for daily pleasantries only.  I started to wonder where my neighbours would go if they needed help watching their cats for the weekend, or assembling a bed they just bought for their place.  This is where the seed of the idea of Adam (the app) was planted and since then I’ve had the great pleasure of working with an amazing team to bring this to fruition.  

ADAM marries the nostalgic concept of helping thy neighbour with the technological ability to have your needs met on demand, and on budget.  At the end of the day it’s about being good to those around us, helping where we can, and asking for help when we need it.  I couldn’t be more excited to bring this app to Toronto and Calgary and hope that you’ll join us on our journey!

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It’s ultimately about helping people.

We’re an app that believes in connecting you with your neighbours and fostering community building through acts of service.  It makes sense that we are partnering with local grassroots charities to support the amazing ongoing work that they do.

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Grassroot charities receive donations

Whenever a task is completed in the Adam app we will allow our users to select from a list of grassroot local charities who will receive a $10 donation in their name.  We want to acknowledge that you’ve done something good for a neighbour by rewarding charities who are doing good for their neighbourhoods as well.  It’s a win across the board and we can’t wait to get going on this.  Keep checking back to our site for a list of charities that we’re supporting and get those tasks done on Adam so you can work with us in supporting local charities.

Adam Is Proud To Support Local Charities