The rising costs of everything in Toronto makes it rather hard to splurge every once in a while. The majority of our monthly earnings go into rent, transit and groceries. Increasing number of people are doing some type of a side hustle in Toronto to earn some extra cash for some frivolous spending or just to add to one’s savings account. There are thousands of part-time jobs available in Toronto in varied fields and departments. Below is a list of top 5 websites and apps to find the odd jobs in Toronto:

  1. Upwork      UpWork

Upwork is a freelance platform that connects the freelancers with the hiring person for contract-to-perm jobs and gigs. As of August 2017, the Upwork platform has about 7,850 jobs related to the software industry, about 19,880 jobs related to content writing and the list goes on. People post jobs and freelance work from all across the world, and are paid through the Upwork platform for safe payments.


  1. Freelancer   

Freelancer does what its name says it is – a platform for freelance jobs. Some jobs might start as a one-time gig but continue for a longer term, given the performance and work quality was good. As with Upwork, one can find jobs in content writing, virtual assistance, data entry, social media marketing and many more work roles. Upwork is a great platform to find remote work for a side hustle in Toronto.


  1.   ADAM    

ADAM is an iOS app that connects people with their neighbours for everyday tasks and chores, in exchange for cash.        ADAM connects people for on-demand and instant jobs. The job categories available at ADAM are indoor work (house   cleaning, laundry etc.), outdoor work (lawn care, snow removal, gardening etc.), pet care, elder assistance, and others.


  1.   Fiverr     

Fiverr is another online portal for freelancers, with millions of jobs in various categories like graphics & design, writing & translations, music & video etc. However, Fiverr has a minimum pay of $5 for every gig, which is unlike Freelancer, which can have a minimum pay of $1-2.



  1. AngelList      

AngelList is a platform where one can mainly find startup jobs. AngelList revolves around tech startups, but offers jobs in various roles like marketing, sales, design, software developer etc. Majority of the jobs offered on AngelList are located in the top metropolitan and startup hubs like San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Chicago etc.

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