New year’s resolutions make January a busy month for the gyms, with people charting out their workout plans. People are eager to get back in shape after the many feasts guiltily had over the holidays. However, springtime sees a quick decline in the gym memberships and its activities. No one really intends to stop working out, but priorities quickly shift. Slow results and low motivation get in the way of a fitness routine. Some people are too lazy to stay on top of their health and wellness. This is what makes the classic “get in shape” New Year’s resolution a thing in and of itself.

Use the beginning of the new year as an opportunity to create long-term change.

Search the internet in the last week of December and the entire month of January and you’ll see countless fitness articles urging you to join a fitness group. But what’s important to remember is to set realistic workout goals and a realistic workout plan. If the goals are too high, consistency and motivation will be difficult to keep up, which is the key to seeing the results!

Plan a workout plan that suits your lifestyle:

  1. Get enough sleep

Getting enough rest is essential for the body’s recovery and muscle gain. A minimum of six – seven hours of sleep is important to give the nervous system a much-needed rest. Enough sleep will also give you the required energy to kick butt in the gym.

  1. Eat clean, drink less

A good workout routine involves understanding and knowing exactly what goes into your body. Moderating junk food and other wasteful calories is another way to start creating a long-term healthy lifestyle change. Increasing water intake and reducing alcoholic beverages will also assist the workout plan you are on and to ensure you stay on track.

Workout plan

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  1. Set a realistic schedule

Setting up a realistic workout routine that fits into your day is extremely important if you don’t want to lose the motivation. If you are a gym newbie and plan to hit the gym seven days a week at dawn – prepare to fizzle out soon. It is a bit of an unrealistic workout plan. As a newbie, you should start by going to the gym three or four days per week and taking alternate rest days to give your muscles and body the time to recover.

  1. Set an attainable goal

If your plan for fitness is short-term, the goals need to be small as well. One should not expect to gain a lot of muscle or shed crazy pounds by going to the gym a couple dozen times. Set goals that are healthy and realistic. Don’t set deadlines for your goals anticipating the end to your training. Instead, look forward to how you’ll look, perform and feel at this time next January. Then work towards it.

Good luck and believe in yourself!


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