Moms need help – Here are 4 ways to give it

“What can I do to help?” is one question that will make a new mom appreciate you and be thankful for your presence. Having a baby can be equally stressful as joyous. The need to take care and be responsible for a new member of the family, taking care of the other family members, job, and household chores can take a toll on the new mom, if she doesn’t get help from others. The new mom needs her family, friends and neighbours to help her with the new life changes and make her life less stressful. The help however, might seem pushy or seem to get in the way of the new mom’s routine; so, we have come up with 4 important ways on how you can help your friend, relative or neighbour who is a new parent:

  1. Help with the chores – Doing the dishes, rounds of laundry, cleaning and organizing the house a bit, are the little things where you can help the new-parents without making them feel awkward.
  2. Babysit – New parents suffer from sleep deprivation, which can be one of the most challenging parts of being a mom. Offering to take care of the baby for a few hours, while the mom sleeps, showers or just relaxes is a generous offer on the part of anyone. Adam Helps
  3. Meal prep – Helping a new mom and new parents in prepping lunches, dinners or batch cooking is a great gift for any parent who is always short on time for cooking. New parents have a lot on their minds – newborn, family, job, household etc. and prepping healthy meals during the beginning few months are a task. So, help the new parents near you by assisting in cooking healthy meals for them or with them.
  4. Personal Assistant – Setting up doctor appointments, car servicing, gardening, cleaning out closets and assisting in everyday work or job occasionally, will make the new parents greatly thankful.

Being there to help a new mom, without being intrusive, shows how much you care and may be just what a new mom needs to feel loved and empowered. Be there for her, so she can be the best mom she can be.

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