4 Problems with Using Classified Ads to Find Service Providers

4 Problems with Using Classified Ads to Find Service Providers

Classified ads are one of the most common methods of hiring people for assistance. However, there are still a number of fundamental problems with them that make them risky and time consuming to use compared to alternatives. Thankfully they aren’t the only option available these days, as Adam is a new app that allows you to find experienced and professional service providers in your area.

Problem #1 – Spam

Spam is one of the biggest concerns when using classified ad services, as someof your replies may be messages from spammers. Some messages are very cleverly disguised so that you’ll click and reply to them, and download links in these emails may contain a virus or spyware.

Problem #2 – It’s hard to know who you are hiring

Another major issue that classified ads have is a lack of reviews or information about each service provider. All too often you have to rely on hiring a perfect stranger, and most would prefer to have some idea about who they are hiring before they make a decision.

Problem #3 – Your ad can be drowned out

On many classified ad websites, there both legitimate ads along with ads posted by spammers, and as a result many real ads often get drowned out. On some types of websites, legitimate ads can even be flagged by spammers and taken down, forcing you to repost the ad multiple times.

Problem #4 – They’re difficult to use when traveling

You may need assistance such as pet sitting, meal preparation, or shopping services when you are traveling, but you may not have access to classified ads in the area that you’re traveling to. Even if you’re able to post an ad, it’s often too time consuming to be able to hire anyone within the short timeframe that you need.

Adam solves many of the problems associated with classified ads

When you need help with any task it can often be a headache to rely on classified ads alone.Adam is a new app solution that offers a fast and simple way to find help, even when you’re traveling or visiting a new community. Adam connects reliable service providers with those who are looking for assistance.

It offers a faster, safer and more convenient alternative to traditional classified ads and eliminates many of the problems associated with them. Contact us today for more information about Adam or feel free to download the app from our website to try it for yourself at: http://adamhelps.com/


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