Okay, people! It’s almost time to get out of hibernation. Spring is just around the corner, or so it seems. But it will be here sooner than you imagine. Spring is a time for fresh starts and no fresh start is complete without a little de-cluttering and sprucing up the spaces. We all know that de-cluttering and cleaning takes time and a lot of effort, but not, if it is just one cleaning task per day. To ease up your anxiety over annual spring cleaning, we have come up with a 30-day spring cleaning challenge. The 30-day spring challenge requires you to do just one task each day for the next 30 days to get to the result of a perfectly beautiful home.

spring cleaning

So, let’s get started towards a totally spring-cleaned house!

Day 1: Start with the entryways of the house – the doormats! Wash and air dry all the doormats.

Day 2: Focus on all windows. Wash the inside and outside of all the windows and clean the window blinds.

Day 3: After windows comes the doors. Clean all the doors and doorknobs with a disinfectant.

Day 4: Vacuum the rugs and sweep under them. You wouldn’t imagine how much dust gets collected underneath them.

Day 5: Wipe clean all the ceiling fans.

Day 6: Clean out the vents for heating and air-conditioning.

Day 7: Wash and vacuum all the drapes and curtains.

Day 8: Disinfect all the electronics, even your phones and remote controls.


Day 9: De-grease and clean the oven and microwave

Day 10: Focus on the fridge and freezer. Throw away all the expired items and clean the fridge with disinfectant.

Day 11: Check the pantry inventory, organize and throw away expired items.

Day 12: Polish all stainless steel and copper dishes and kitchen equipment.


Day 13: Clean the showers and bathtubs.

Day 14: Clean the sink and toilet.

Day 15: Change the shower curtain and organize the bathroom closet.


Day 16: Vacuum the mattresses in all bedrooms.

Day 17: Wash all the bedding – sheets, duvet covers, throw blankets etc.

Day 18: Today will be the most complicated day because it’s closet day. It should be dedicated to de-cluttering and reorganizing the closet. Throw away any clothing that you haven’t worn in more than an year. Bring out the spring and summer time clothes and keep all the heavy parkas, coats and snow-boots neatly packed in winter storage boxes.

Day 19: Declutter your handbag and laptop bag.

Day 20: Get rid of unnecessary items – catalogs, old magazines, coupons etc.

Day 21: Clean and declutter the medicine cabinet.

Living room

Day 22: Wash the sofa covers and throw pillows.

Day 23: Dust everywhere.

Day 24: Sweep and mop everywhere, even under the furniture.

Other areas

Day 25: Bring out the lint roller and vacuum cleaner to remove all the pet hair and dander.

Day 26: Sort and reorganize the storage boxes and throw away or donate unwanted items.

Day 27: Clean all the mirrors – living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Day 28: Disinfect all the toys. If you don’t have children, use this day to clean out your nightstand and dressing table. Throw away all expired cosmetics.

Day 29: Replace your toothbrushes, sponges. Take any clothing items or shoes for alterations and repairs if needed.

Day 30: Clean out your car.

Spring cleaning is not hard and should not stress you at all. Take it one task in one day at a time and prepare for the upcoming seasons. Just follow the list of tasks in our 30 day spring cleaning challenge and you’ll feel the days fly by all the while perfecting your beautiful home.

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