Dog Walking

Your pets need to stretch their legs too! Adam can help connect you with dog walking in Toronto provided by locals who have cared for similar breeds as your dog and can ensure that it stays fit and healthy.

Let a neighbor from Adam take them around the block and give yourself a break. You can set up a single or recurring dog walking depending on your needs.

Screen potential dog walkers by checking their reviews and chatting with them to make sure they’re a good fit, all within Adam. They can also often take care of other tasks such as checking mail and securing your home while you’re away!

Find a great dog walker in Toronto who is also a people person. Your pets will thank you.


Feeding the Pets

Let a reliable neighbor from Adam make sure your pets are cared for. Whether you have just one parakeet or hamster, or a small army of cats and dogs, Adam will keep them happy and healthy.

Your neighbor can even stop by your home when you’re on vacation. They will ensure that your pets have the food, water and medication that they need.

Many people prefer in home visits to putting pets in a kennel where you may not know how they are being cared for. Many of your neighbours are pet people who would love to help out. Find one today!



Keep your pets looking their best with a neighbour in your community who has experience grooming pets. No more huge fees for dropping your pets off at the groomers, let your neighbours help you while you help them.

Many of the groomers on Adam are reasonably priced and often offer other services such as walking, feeding and care.


Find pet care in Toronto on Adam

Whether you need dog walking in Toronto on a regular basis, grooming, feeding, or personalized care for a sick pet, you’ll find help on Adam.

Find the friendly neighbours who will keep your pet healthy and happy at a fraction of the cost of most kennels or services!