Personal Delivery and Pickup in Toronto


Adam is great for connecting with a neighbour who can get you where you and the people you care about need to go, whether it be important events, medical appointments, or anywhere else you need to go in Toronto.


Hire a driver on Adam to pick the kids up from school – avoid the wait lines, traffic and rush. You don’t have to take time off work to get your kids back home safely on a regular basis. Your kids will be able to get to their important after school sports practices, appointments, and other events without interrupting your work schedule.


Get back to living your life by letting Adam tackle the small stuff! You can request the drivers on Adam to take care of personal delivery in Toronto for store items, dry cleaning and more. They know the local area like the back of their hands and will take care of your delivery jobs efficiently.


Try Adam today and set up regular grocery shopping, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, personal driving or any other service you might need at an amazing price!  You can download Adam now at and find out why it has become one of the top ways to hire local drivers at a low cost.