Grocery Shopping

Get your cabinets stocked while taking care of your other obligations. Adam can set you up with a personal shopper who will make sure every item you need is in your fridge at the end of the day.

Stop spending your valuable time lugging groceries around. Adam is perfect for delegating day-to-day chores, like shopping, to let you get back to living. Quickly post a job, and connect with a neighbour on the app, send your grocery list, and have them take care of the rest.

Come back home to a fridge and pantry stocked with everything you need for the week. You’ll save hours of shopping and driving time, and you can even request your shopper to travel to multiple stores to pick up other items that you might need.


Drop Off and Pickup

Let Adam take any delivery or pickup tasks off your to-do list.

You can rely on Adam to connect you with a neighbour whenever you need items to be dropped off or picked up such as clothing at the dry cleaner, packages, mail, furniture and more.

Arrange dry cleaning or mail/package delivery and pickup as a single job or one that occurs on a regular basis.

With Adam, you’ll always have your mail and packages sent on time and your dry cleaning picked up, and ready to go for your next big event or night on the town. The best part, is that it will cost only a fraction of traditional delivery services.


Personal Driver

Adam is great for connecting with a neighbour who can get you where you and the people you care about need to go, whether it be important events, medical appointments, or anywhere else you need to go in Toronto.

Hire a neighbour on Adam to do the driving for you, pick the kids up from school – avoid the wait lines, traffic and rush. You don’t have to take time off work to get your kids back home safely on a regular basis.

Get back to living your life by letting Adam tackle the small stuff!

Try Adam today and set up regular grocery shopping, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, personal driving or any other service you might need at an amazing price!