Dog Walking


It’s important to regularly walk your dog to maintain their health, especially as they get older. Your pets need to stretch their legs too! Adam is full of people that have experience with dog walking in Toronto who have cared for similar breeds as your dog and can ensure that it stays fit and healthy.


Give yourself a break and let a neighbour take your dog out, you can even set up a single walk or recurring dog walking depending on your needs. You’ll often find people located right in your neighbourhood where you can easily drop your dog off for a walk or have them walk your dog right from your place.


Screen potential dog walkers by checking their reviews and chatting with them to make sure they’re a good fit, all within Adam. They can also often take care of other tasks such as checking mail and securing your home while you’re away! You’ll be able to free up plenty of free time time to take care of your other obligations while ensuring that your furry family member is also cared for.


Find dogwalking in Torontofrom an animal lover who is also a people person. Your pets will thank you! Find out more about Adam at and be sure to download the latest version today!