Bathing and Pet Grooming in Toronto


Keep your pets looking their best with a neighbour experienced in pet grooming in Toronto who will come right to your home.  No more huge fees for dropping your pets off at the groomers, let your neighbours help you take some time off! Your pets will always look great with the help of a local groomer and best of all you’ll save time and money on the process.


Many of the groomers on Adam are reasonably priced and often offer other services such as walking, feeding and pet sitting. Your pet will be clean and happy with a fresh haircut, even when you are pressed for time. The process is quick and painless to find a neighbour to help with grooming on a regular basis.


Keep your pet cared for whenever you need to be away from home by hiring a helper on Adam. Whether you need dog walking on a regular basis, feeding, personalized care for a sick pet, or pet grooming in Toronto, you’ll find it all on Adam. You’ll be able to customize your pet care experience exactly the way you need to.


Find the friendly neighbours who will keep your pet healthy and happy at a fraction of the cost of most professional grooming services! Try Adam for free today to find great pet groomers near you. You can download Adam now at