Any Task, Any Time

Sometimes an odd job in Toronto that you need completed won’t fit into any particular category on Adam, but don’t worry, we have you covered!

Adam is perfect for getting a helping hand with any large or small tasks that may arise — things that need to be handled on your schedule and your budget.

You can create a custom job posting with your own specific details on Adam and send it out to all of the users currently on the app.


Get help with exactly what you need

For whatever odd jobs in Toronto that you have in your home or business – Adam has a solution that comes with a smile!

Get advice from a neighbor in your business or industry, hire a personal assistant for the home or office, find an expert local web developer to get your site up and running, and so much more.


Speak to users in seconds

Create a custom job with your specific requirements to allow qualified and helpful neighbors near you to get in touch to work out details in seconds.

Checking a helpers reviews and specialty skills is simple and intuitive to help you find the best possible candidate to help you out with what you need.


Adam is more cost effective than hiring agencies

No matter what type of gig you need filled, Adam will always provide you with a better value than professional agencies, and provide similar or better quality service.

You’ll be surprised at how many skilled people are available right in your local community on Adam. There’s an infinite number of odd jobs in Toronto that you can hire for using our app!


 Use Adam to get the assistance you need today

Adam can help connect you with a helpful neighbour, or a neighbour in need for any kind of odd job in Toronto. Get the assistance you need right away and hire a neighbour on Adam.

You’ll save time and money compared to virtually every other option out there. You’re sure to find someone with the right background and skill to handle your gig with ease!