Get the help you need when you need it. People around you are ready and willing to work right now.


Keep work local by hiring a neighbour to help you with whatever task you need.


Save money by hiring local or earn money by working for someone in your community.

Adam Helps


The concept for Adam is based on a very simple premise: sometimes we could all use a little help with things. Countless times I’ve seen seniors in my apartment building struggle to carry their groceries, and people moving in trying to carry furniture on their own because they have no one to ask for help. When we buy services from professional companies you’re hit with minimum service fees, an impersonal experience, and you’re at the whim of their schedule; there had to be a better way of getting people the help they need. I created Adam so that people could find on-demand help at a reasonable price, with a trusted neighbour, for any task they need help with. This app provides the opportunity to reconnect with people around you all under the premise of seeking and receiving help from others.

What Can You Find Or Offer On Adam?